Deffective Products


If you have an accident and are injured due to a faulty product, you may be able to claim personal-injury compensation.

To make such a claim successfully, you must prove that another person was responsible for your injury.


For example, if the accident was due to a defective product such as a chair you purchased and brought home, which subsequently broke beneath your weight or a piece of electrical equipment, which caught fire and burned you, then you would be entitled to make a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of the faulty product or the person who sold it to you.


Dangerous products can also be items of food that are sold to you but are not safe to be eaten. If you contract food poisoning as a result, you may be able to make a dangerous-product compensation claim.


For a successful defective product claim you must ensure:


  • You report the dangerous product accident to the person responsible for it as soon as possible.
  • If it happens at work, that a note of your accident in the accident book is recorded where possible.
  • You take names and addresses of witnesses to the accident.
  • You retain and take photographs of the faulty product itself.
  • You should also keep the original purchase receipt for the dangerous product.

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