Criminal Injuries

criminal injuries

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If you are the victim of a violent crime in the United Kingdom, you may be able to claim for compensation in one of three different ways:


  • You could claim against the assailant directly, though this is not usually recommended. Even if your personal-injury compensation claim is successful, it is difficult to enforce the judgment. So although you may win your case, you may never receive the compensation from the guilty party


  • You could claim for personal-injury compensation claim against your employer. This is only possible if the attack or assault took place while you were at work and you feel your employer exposed you to an unnecessary and foreseeable risk of personal injury.  In such cases, we can help you pursue a claim against your employer


  • Most commonly, you may be able to apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The CICA pay compensation to victims of violent crimes  occurring in United Kingdom

Our experienced team can help you decide which of these routes to pursue and then help you bring your claim.

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