If you have been dismissed from work unfairly or wrongfully, or if you have been forced to resign from work because of maltreatment, we can help.

Unfair dismissal

You may have been unfairly dismissed if your employer gives an inadequate reason for dismissing you and/or fails to follow their formal disciplinary or dismissal process. Your dismissal is likely to be unfair if it was because you:

  • Asked for more flexible working hours
  • Refused to give up your working time rights – e.g. to take rest breaks
  • Joined a trade union

Wrongful dismissal

Please note that, to claim unfair dismissal, you must have been in continuous employment for two years.

You may have been wrongfully dismissed if you were dismissed in breach of your employment contract.

Constructive dismissal

You may have been constructively dismissed if you have been forced to resign from your job because of your employer’s conduct – for example, where your employer has altered the terms of your contract without your consent.

If you think you have been dismissed in any of the ways outlined here, please call us now for legal advice.